What to know about condo assessments

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Condo living in Florida comes with many benefits, but it also means dealing with condo assessments. These fees are a part of life when you live in this type of property.

The condo association has the right to demand and collect these fees. However, owners also have rights, and they should understand them to manage their finances effectively and avoid surprises.

Purpose of assessments

Condo assessments cover the costs of maintaining and repairing the condo complex. They pay for keeping common areas in good condition. The association draws from these fees to help with repairs as well.

Unit owners will typically pay these fees monthly. The amount can vary widely depending on the condo complex and its amenities. Some condos may have lower assessments but fewer amenities, while others may have higher assessments but more amenities. Condo owners can review the condo’s financial documents to understand how the association calculates assessments.

Variations in assessments

Condo assessments can increase over time. This can happen for several reasons, such as rising maintenance costs or the need for major repairs or renovations. An association also has the right to ask for special assessments. These cover unexpected or large costs, such as roof repair after a storm, that the normal fees cannot cover. Condo owners should prepare for these potential increases and extra charges.

Failure to pay

Condo owners who do not pay their assessments can face serious consequences. Associations have the legal right to place liens on units, which can eventually lead to foreclosure.

Condo owners should make paying their assessments a priority. They should also stay informed about their condo association’s financial health and attend meetings to stay up-to-date on any potential assessment increases or special assessments.