Providing Knowledgeable Counsel During Your Closing

Your home is not only the place where your family’s memories are made; it may also be the largest investment that you will make in your lifetime. It can be difficult to ignore these emotional and financial considerations when you are buying or selling a home.

An objective professional’s insight can help you address challenges that arise in a closing. As your advocate, a skilled attorney can guide you through your real estate transaction, attending to the intricacies of the closing process so that your long-term interests are promoted.

Throughout Collier and Lee County, prospective buyers and sellers contact our attorneys at Conroy, Conroy & Durant, P.A., when they want to be certain that their closing will proceed smoothly. All of our lawyers have years of experience navigating this process. With the advice and guidance of three Board Certified Real Estate Lawyers, we work to avoid pitfalls that can occur in real estate transactions.

Skillfully Facilitating All Aspects Of Your Real Estate Transaction

Whether the transaction is for a primary residence, for investment purposes or for a highly-anticipated vacation home, we are qualified to offer these services:

  • Assisting with due diligence before the home purchase, such as permit searches and zoning verifications
  • Drafting or reviewing the sale or purchase agreement
  • Resolving home inspection disputes
  • Identifying and curing title defects
  • Managing expectations

In addition, our firm is equipped to counsel not only individuals or families in the market for a home or a condominium, but also building contractors with their construction and development agreements and real estate brokers with their listing agreements.

Long-time residents of the community, each of our lawyers has developed professional relationships with area lenders, builders, insurers and realtors. As a result, our legal team remains current on industry standards and regulations that may affect your transaction.

When contingencies, last-minute revisions or other unexpected issues occur which threaten to derail a residential real estate deal, retaining one of our Florida Bar certified specialists is a wise decision. We invite you to read reviews from clients who chose our firm and were happy they did.

A Successful Closing Takes Astute Legal Understanding. Contact Our Boutique Real Estate Firm Today.

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