Assisting Condominium Boards With Formation And Governance

Florida’s condominium owners draw many benefits from choosing to live in a communal environment rather than opting to buy a single family residence. Legal considerations often accompany these amenities due to the way in which this type of property ownership is structured.

A condominium establishes a type of joint-ownership, where a segment of the real property is commonly owned and the remaining property is individually owned. As a result, developing or owning a condominium can often involve complicated documentation that governs rights and responsibilities transactions, contracts and leases. Not all attorneys are equipped to address the contingencies that arise when legal action is required, which is why it is important to retain a lawyer qualified to practice condominium law.

At Conroy, Conroy & Durant, P.A., we have the experience you need to ensure that your legal concerns are handled efficiently and effectively. Our attorneys have represented a variety of individuals and entities including:

We have the skill set necessary to assist in all legal matters related to developing, acquiring and maintaining these residential units and assisting organizations that manage them.

Customizing Contracts To Streamline Governance

In addition to facilitating real estate transactions for condominiums, our legal team also assists in creating homeowners’ associations to govern a condominium development.

The homeowners’ association is the legal entity that oversees the condominium and protects the value of the condominium community. This is why it is vital for those with a stake in this community make certain the association is well-run and has clearly defined guidelines.

To this end, our attorneys draft a range of association documents, which include:

  • Master Covenants and Restrictions
  • Declarations, which contain the use restrictions and define the framework of obligations of the Owners and the Association
  • Contracts
  • Disclosures

With our help, your organization can ensure that your community stays true to the developer’s concept and vision. Meet with our legal team to learn how we can help you protect and increase your housing investment.

Providing Trusted Counsel At All Stages Of Your Community’s Development

Consult with our Naples legal team to optimize your operating procedures and strengthen your governing policies. For your convenience, you can schedule a meeting by completing our online questionnaire or by dialing 239-228-4151.