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Understanding the importance of title searches

A real estate purchase is a large purchase and, in some cases, may be the largest purchase a property owner or homeowner ever makes. Because information contained in the title for the property can impact the property rights of the property owner and other concerns as well, a thorough title search is important. Additionally, title insurance is another important aspect of the process to understand.

What real estate attorneys can do for home buyers

When looking at buying a house, it can feel like the expenses are overwhelming. Taking on years of payments can be downright intimidating. Because of this, it’s easy to want to finish the process as cheaply as possible. The thought of adding another expense in the form of a real estate attorney can feel draining.

Can you afford a house?

Buying a home is a huge decision. Thinking about owning your own home is exciting and the thought of moving your family into their own space is probably enticing. However, you might not know if you can afford to buy a house at this point in time. Here are a few ways you can figure out if you are financially ready to buy a house.

5 tips for selling condominiums

Selling a condominium in Florida takes a unique approach. Naples is a beautiful place to vacation, raise a family and of course, retire. Real estate agents understand that potential buyers are looking for a condominium that has it all. A breathtaking view, easy access to a beach or proximity to a golf course are examples of checklist items. These high expectations create quite the challenge for any seller, new or experienced.

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