Why you should think twice before skipping a home inspection

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When you look for a home to buy in Florida, the success of your search depends on many factors, among them the competitiveness of the housing market in your area. If you are facing a competitive market, you may be willing to make certain concessions to get the home you want. However, you may want to think twice about skipping the home inspection, even if doing so might make your offer more attractive to home sellers.

Per Realtor.com, even the nicest-looking home may conceal unwanted surprises. The main point of a home inspection is to uncover these surprises and learn about anything else that might impact the value of the home you wish to buy.

Why you should not waive a home inspection

While a home inspection clues you into the inner workings of a home and gives you insight into the areas you are unable to see with the naked eye, it does more than that. In the event a home inspection does reveal serious problems in a home, it gives you negotiating and bargaining power with the seller. This might lead to lower costs, more concessions and other benefits.

How to otherwise make your offer more attractive

Instead of waiving a home inspection, try to make your offer stand out by getting preapproved by a mortgage provider and having proof of this when you make your offer. Consider, too, increasing the amount of your down payment, if it is within your means to do so.

Even if waiving a home inspection helps you land the home you want, doing so may come back to haunt you later if the house you buy winds up having major defects.