Considerations when purchasing a home in Naples, Florida

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Buying a home tends to be strenuous. The process is less nerve-wracking when you take a thorough approach.

Where you desire to move has an enormous impact on what makes up a wise plan of attack. If you are heading to Naples, Florida, specific concerns deserve attention.


Naples proudly boasts unique areas. Finding the one that matches your desires demands forethought. Do you crave a spot rich in history within walking distance of shops and restaurants? If so, Old Naples could be worth investigating. Perhaps a newer, more upscale community has greater appeal. Port Royal or Aqualane Shores might be more to your liking.


You do not have to be a meteorologist to know that Florida gets muggy. Still, Naples turns chilly during the winter months. In January, the average low is 53 degrees Fahrenheit. Give thought to how you will contend with this reality. On the flip side, the average high during July and August is 93. It takes a powerful air conditioning system to make it through these dog days. Stay cognizant that hefty energy bills are part and parcel of staying cool in the Sunshine State.


Speaking of Mother Nature, hurricanes remain a fact of life for locals. Every house must meet or exceed storm-related building codes. Besides the need to stay safe, damage to an unprepared home often runs into the thousands. Always inquire about the roof and windows, especially when analyzing older structures.

Anyone weighing a move to the Naples area should mull over factors specific to the region. Proper attention to such matters boosts the odds of a satisfying outcome.