Is a construction project delayed due to a contract dispute?

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There are many reasons for construction delays, but when the delay is related to the building of your new residence or office complex, frustration quickly sets in.

A construction contract dispute might be at the heart of the problem. A clear, well-written document could have prevented the disagreement that has stopped construction on your project.

Scope of work

Identify and provide contact information for the parties to the construction contract. Clearly define the scope of work including the location of the project. Describe how costs will be determined. Include areas for the parties to sign and date the contract.

Manufacturer’s instructions

Include a clause stating that contractors will install materials and products according to the manufacturers’ written instructions. Emphasize that all work will adhere to construction industry standards.

Workmanlike manner

Another important phrase to include is that all work “shall be performed in a workmanlike manner.” Keep in mind that if the parties go to court over a contract dispute, at least one party will likely bring in experts that will testify as to whether work was or was not done in a workmanlike manner.

Clear language

Construction disputes customarily determine who should pay extra costs. The wording in every section of a construction contract must be absolutely clear. Avoid legalese and use simple sentences that are easy to read so that there is no chance of misinterpretation. The participation of an attorney in writing or at least reviewing a construction contract will help you avoid any missteps. The goal is to reduce the potential for a dispute that would delay a residential or commercial building project and result in additional costs.