What should homebuyers ask a home inspector?

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Purchasing a home is an important decision, and buyers should leave no stone unturned when going through the process of buying property. This includes everything from asking questions about the neighborhood to considering whether you can afford property taxes.

If you are a Florida homebuyer, here are some of the many things you should ask a home inspector as they take a look at a house.

How big of a problem is this?

All issues with a structure have varying levels of severity. For example, a leaky ceiling may be the result of a past storm and only require one fix, or it could be the result of a faulty roof, which is a much larger issue. Knowing whether or not you are about to purchase a home that will require a lot of upkeep is essential.

Are there any specific causes for concern?

It is always a good idea to get a second opinion, which is why you should ask the home inspector if there are any causes for concern that stick out to them. For example, if they mention the electrical wiring, you can get an electrician out to the property to take another look at that issue.

How is the foundation?

The foundation is one of the more costly things to repair if it has significant damage. A home inspector should be able to tell you the state of the foundation and whether it is in immediate danger of deteriorating.

When you know what to ask a home inspector, you can make a better decision before buying a house.