How can I improve my curb appeal to attract renters?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | residential leasing | 0 comments

First impressions matter, particularly when it comes to attracting renters to your property. However, as a landlord, you are very well aware that it is all too easy to spend lots of money improving your property. It is important to maximize the impact of any curb appeal decisions you make for your home.

Fortunately, there are many upgrades you can make to the front of your property at a minimal cost. According to Real Simple, good ideas for curb appeal upgrades include improving the entrance area of your home, as well as paying some extra attention to the landscaping.

Make a big impression at the entrance

One of the most cost-effective ways you can improve the entrance to your property is to paint the front door. It is currently trendy to choose bright, bold colors, but a classic like black or fresh white is never a bad idea. Replacing the hardware on the front of your property is also a very good idea. Swapping out old street numbers and door hardware can make a big impact at a very low price point.

Freshen up the landscaping

Adding potted plants is a way to involve a quick pop of freshness. Try grouping plants of various heights to create a motif at the entrance to your property. You can even refresh outdoor furniture: a coat of fresh spray paint on the chairs out front can make them look brand-new. Consider adding additional illumination along the front path to the house in order to increase security and warmth.

Many of these projects will cost under $100 to complete, and many will take less than a day. Every little bit helps when trying to attract the right renter.