Why shell out the money for a home inspection?

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Signing a contract to purchase a home in Naples is an exciting time. Once you pay the deposit, your realtor will likely suggest you start the ball rolling on the home inspection period.

During the contract signing and closing, you have the right to review the property site. Home inspectors have licenses that allow them to enter the property to find defects you need to know about. Learn more about what comprises the home inspection process and makes it an integral part of purchasing a house.

Water intrusion

When water gets into the interior of a structure, it may cause severe damage. Not only that, but if left untreated, mold may develop. Black mold is a serious issue that causes health problems in people who inhale it. A home inspector will get into the various areas of the house that are prone to water intrusion. These are items you may want the seller to rectify before purchasing.

Termite damage

Termites are wood-eating organisms that cause major structural issues for a home. The longer termites remain, the more extensive the damage. A home with active termites needs specialized treatment that may take up to a week and cost a substantial amount of money.

Safety hazards

When a home is older, building materials may threaten your health. Asbestos was a standard component for home construction for decades before the industry pulled it. A home inspector will find any evidence of asbestos to mitigate. An outdated or over-wired electrical system also puts you at risk should you not find out about it in time.

The last thing you want is to purchase a home that is not safe or ideal. Paying money upfront to an inspector may save you time and money down the road.