What do homeowners associations regulate?

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When Florida residents rent or buy a house, look for information on homeowners associations. They are also known as HOAs. Not every neighborhood has one, but most do.

Knowing the details of your HOA is a huge benefit to you. Today, we will look into what homeowners associations are responsible for regulating.

What do HOAs manage?

Homeowners associations often manage public parts of neighborhoods. In some cases, they even have a say in private living situations. The intent is to keep neighborhoods somewhat uniform. HOAs also prize how well a neighborhood functions. If something gets in the way of that, HOAs likely disallow it. For example, HOAs often disallow private vegetable gardens or displaying political yard signs.

Many regulations focus on how a house looks. Again, this is to maintain a uniform look throughout the neighborhood. Some examples of areas of regulation include:

  • Exterior paint, shingles and siding
  • Landscaping
  • Shrubs, hedges and fences
  • Structures for children like basketball hoops
  • Mailboxes
  • Tool sheds

HOAs and non-aesthetic management

They handle non-aesthetic matters as well. For example, HOAs often regulate noise levels in a neighborhood. If your neighborhood demands silence after a certain hour, the HOA likely put it in place. They can also have a say in home-based businesses if it attracts a lot of traffic to the area. Finally, HOAs can limit what pets people may keep.

Do you want to know more about homeowners associations? Will you handle one in your new home? You should take a look at the link here, if so. It will take you to our webpage on residential real estate. There, you can read more about all aspects of rent. This includes homeowners associations and what they control.