What are the benefits of getting a property survey?

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Before you sign the papers to buy a home in Florida, there are several steps to complete: negotiating a price, getting an inspection and applying for a mortgage. However, another thing you may want to consider is getting a professional survey done on the property. Hiring a professional surveyor to document the details of the property may give you additional information on your financial investment and your future home.

According to FindLaw, there are several reasons a property owner may want to have a professional survey done. For example, a surveyor has the knowledge and tools to find and mark the exact boundary lines of a property. Having this knowledge before you move in could help prevent boundary issues with neighbors. You may also get information on existing easements that allow others to access or use certain areas of your land for specific purposes. The seller you are buying your home from may not voluntarily disclose existing easements or right-of-way agreements.

Getting a survey before you become the owner of a home may help ensure you move into your new residence with in-depth knowledge of the land itself. A property survey may provide details on waterways, utility lines, topographical features and access points to the property. If the property shares a driveway or access point with adjoining land, a survey may help you understand what your maintenance obligations are. You may also get information about zoning classifications, which could have a significant impact if you decide you want to make improvements to the land or operate a small business out of your home.

This information on residential property surveys is intended for educational purposes and should not be taken as legal advice.