What mistakes should you avoid as a landlord?

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To rent out an apartment, building or room in Florida can be a lucrative source of income. Unfortunately, if you make too many mistakes it can be a source of stress and loss. To avoid becoming a property owner that loses more than you earn, The Balance has a few tips on renting out a home. Most mistakes may seem innocuous at first, but they can add up and lead to more problems down the line.

One lax area that many landlords have is the insurance. Like most people, you probably do not want to consider what you would do if the worst happened. Unfortunately, to not prepare at all is to leave you open for issues in the future. Make sure that you have the right amount of coverage. You need property insurance and liability insurance. Additionally, you need an adequate coverage.

Another area that landlords should pay close attention to is the tenant screenings themselves. You may want to be relaxed to give tenants a chance, but you do need to pay special attention to a tenant’s record. To make a good decision initially saves you the eviction costs later on. Remember to have questions ready for every tenant and to run credit checks.

Not only do you want to know your rights as a property owner, but you need to know the tenant’s rights as well. When you know the laws, it is easier to smooth over conflict. When it comes to dealing with tenants, remember to keep up with maintenance and to hold your end of the bargain.

None of the above is to be interpreted as legal advice. It is informational only.