What are your obligations as a landlord?

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Florida state law provides some very specific language as to the relationship and rights between landlords and tenants. Did you know that as a landlord, you cannot prohibit your tenants from using water beds? However, if your tenant wishes to have any number of water beds, he or she is required to carry flotation insurance in his or her own name.

Maintenance of the premises

 There are some types of maintenance that landlords are required to conduct according to the Florida state legislation. This includes functional running water, including hot water, as well as a functioning heating system during winter.

In addition, as a landlord you must provide garbage receptacles and arrange for trash removal. A more general requirement is that you must ensure that the property you are renting out has common areas that are in a safe and clean condition. You are also the person the tenant will call if there is an infestation of any kind of pest, and you are required to give the tenant 7 days’ notice if you need to have them vacate the premises for any extermination.

Notifying tenants of your name and address

 Not only do you need to let tenants know your address, but you also need to notify them if you have a change of address. You may also choose to instead authorize someone else to manage the property on your behalf, in which case it is that person’s name and address that needs to be provided to any tenants.

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