How do you prepare your property to rent?

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While renting out a room or building is a good way for many Florida homeowners to gain a source of income, it is important that you make sure the property is rent-ready in order to provide a better experience for the renter and to reduce your likelihood of liability. Knowing how to prepare a home can also make it more appealing, allowing you to set a more profitable rent.

Exterior preparations

Zillow advises that you should make sure that there are no holes in the walls or ceiling by doing a thorough check before putting the place up for rent. If any recent repairs were made or if there are places where the paint or trim is chipping away, a new coat of paint can not only help improve the house cosmetically, but can also provide an added seal against the elements.

Making sure all the windows and screens are working and undamaged is important for safety as well as pest control. Keeping the yard well-maintained provides a good image, and poorly maintained shrubbery can be a breeding ground for bugs and other pests.

Interior preparations

Before renting out, it is a good idea to have the place sprayed down by a good pest control company. Cleaning away webs and cobwebs show attention to the home’s cleanliness and further reduces pest presence as well.

Make sure you change out any air filters and check that the air conditioning system is in working order. A full-steam carpet cleaning is also a good idea, especially if there are any stains or odors you want to get rid of.

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