How title insurance can help with a successful transaction

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Title insurance is so important to a successful real estate transaction that it is essential for potential homeowners, buyers, sellers and real estate professionals to have and to understand. A thorough and complete title search can help ensure that a title dispute does not delay a closing or cause problems down the road for the parties.

Title searches can turn up any potential problems in the chain of title. In addition, title insurance can also protect buyers and sellers from problems with a title and is based on a thorough title search. If the title search and evaluation of the title turn up any problems, additionally, it provides the opportunity to address and resolve the concerns that are discovered.

Potential defects with the title include inaccuracies in the public record; failure of a deed in the chain of title to meet statutory requirements; liens on property; boundary disputes; and inheritance disputes. There can be problems associated with easements and other encumbrances on the property that a title search can discover and potentially address and title insurance can help protect against.

Title searches and title insurance help to minimize the risks associated with a home purchase. Title insurance can help with both residential real estate and commercial real estate transactions and should be understood by any party purchasing property. The goal of any real estate transaction is for a smooth and successful transaction which is why buyers and sellers should understand the role of title insurance in the process of achieving the same.