What to know about Florida zoning laws before buying a home

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It is always important to understand all of the zoning regulations and land use laws before purchasing a house. Zoning began as a strategy for city planning in the early twentieth century, but it has increasingly become a way for communities to regulate both the use, appearance and price of residential property. 

Specific rules may impact lifestyle and purchase

Many home buyers may think zoning only applies to the physical property, such as the location of utility lines, the size or height of houses, and other restrictions. However, residential zoning laws can also impact details such as what kind of pets or animals are allowed on the property.

In recent years, zoning regulations have also been found to have significant effects on housing prices. Generally, the more specific zoning regulations are, the higher the prices tend to be. It is important to know how zoning laws could impact the price of a future home before signing a purchase agreement.

Zoning to preserve history or aesthetic

Some residential zones may also include historic features or sites. The state of Florida has a long history after all, and many historic locations. It was only a matter of time before residential and historic areas began to overlap.

While many home buyers have renovations in mind when house shopping, some zoning laws might prohibit any change to the property or buildings to preserve the historic authenticity of the area.

On a similar note, zoning laws have also developed to include regulations on aesthetic. These regulations can include specific color schemes, landscaping styles, and even the placement of solar panels or satellite dishes. It would be beneficial to review Collier County’s zoning services to learn more about the laws specific to Naples and the surrounding areas.

Understanding zoning laws is essential when purchasing a home. Home buyers often have specific needs and wishes for their future house and verifying the zoning regulations can help them make the best choice for their future.