5 tips for selling condominiums

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Selling a condominium in Florida takes a unique approach. Naples is a beautiful place to vacation, raise a family and of course, retire. Real estate agents understand that potential buyers are looking for a condominium that has it all. A breathtaking view, easy access to a beach or proximity to a golf course are examples of checklist items. These high expectations create quite the challenge for any seller, new or experienced.

There are tips to setting up a condominium for success after placing it on the market, which includes:

  1. First impressions matter. While it’s true you can’t judge a book by its cover, real estate functions a bit different. People move to, and stay, in Florida because of the state’s balmy weather and natural beauty. If the condominium doesn’t align with this perception, there will be a disconnect between buyer and seller. Curb appeal is everything. Before each showing or tour, make sure all is in order, such as:
    • Lawn, shrubs and other landscaping is manicured
    • Garbage cans, hoses and yard tools are tucked away
    • Garage doors are closed
    • Gutters and roof are clear of debris
    • House siding, window trim and front door is in good condition
  2. Keep it clean. A prospective buyer’s imagination starts to flow once they get inside. You want them to envision this place to be their next home. Make sure the windows are wiped, floors are mopped and carpet is shampooed. A fresh, clean look and smell will put them at ease.
  3. Declutter the area. In addition, unnecessary clutter should be removed. Tastefully positioned lamps, rugs and side tables are appealing and make the space feel livable. On the contrary, excess items such as toys, books and abstract paintings might discourage buyers. Granted a fresh coat of paint on the walls is a nice touch, you or the client should avoid loud, bright colors. Off-whites and neutrals usually bode well with the majority.
  4. Stick with quick fixes. Whether you are selling the condo by yourself, or you are a professional agent, it’s important to make the right investments for property on the market. The condominium should be well-maintained. In saying that, some home improvements get costly and jack up prices, which make a sale harder. Advise your clients to carefully consider any pricey cosmetic projects.
  5. Think outside the box. A real estate agent is essentially a matchmaker. Their goal is to reach the right buyer and lead them to the right property. A successful sale involves tried-and-true tactics, like posting up a sign in the yard, listing on various platforms and using the Internet to fill the gap. Regardless, every property is unique and calls for a customized approach. Some condominium owners do it by themselves, while others hire an agent for professional guidance. Whatever position you are in, following a few of these tips can help assist in a smooth process, from listing to transaction.